Best Sexologist in Ludhiana

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Best Sexologist in Ludhiana

sexologist in ludhiana

Choosing the best sexologist in Ludhiana who is known by the greatest number of people and can be trusted, is a tedious task in this online world. Are you the one who is searching for Sexologist in Ludhiana to discuss your sex related health problems? Well, you have landed up at the right page. We are happy to share that we are here in Ludhiana to listen all your sexual health issues and share the solution for same.

Experience matters a lot while selecting the best sexologist. An experienced sexologist doctor in Ludhiana would recognize the symptoms as soon as he or she listen/see them. We are well known name as best sexologist in Ambala already and our clinic was founded by Late Vaid Ram Lal Nagi ji in 1937. Our last three generations are serving people to provide them the best of solutions for their sexual problems and with great results, we expanded our clinic branches in different cities like Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Ambala, Mandi Gobindgarh, Yamunanagar, and Patiala.

Best sexologists in Ludhiana

We are a one-of-it’s kind, highly specialized Sexologist Doctors in Ludhiana. At our clinic, you will meet the best Ayurveda sexologists who will undoubtedly treat your sexual problems. We treat our patients with the use of the latest advances in medicine. We are constantly training and studying to make sure our patients have the latest options available to them. We have transformed the lives of millions of patients already from India and across the world with the help of Ayurveda and by following the Strict Indian Ayurvedic Classical Treatments.

Our Doctor trio (Dr. yashpal nagi, Dr. Vikas Nagi n Dr. Venus Nagi) Is Awarded with the prestigious International Excellence Award positioned at best sexologist clinical center in the India.

Our Services

We provide outstanding sexological care to men & women of all ages.

best sexologist in ludhiana
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We have been known to give the best Ayurvedic Medications to expanding low sperm count with the most extreme care in Men and a healthy environment. We can help you in getting solution for these male sexual problems:

Most women experience sexual problem at one time or another and we can help you in getting sexual solutions for these female problems:

Commitment to excellence

 In today’s online world, there are a number of Medical health consultation apps that help you understand the initial problem but for treatment, proper consultation needs to be taken with physical examination. This is where the role of the sexologist in Ludhiana comes into the picture. We commit to excellence to our patients while discussing their sexual problems and treating those problems. Our patients feel the peace of mind as they get cared by the most experienced Ayurvedic Specialists Team.


There is nothing to be ashamed about, without any hesitation, you need to come forward and discuss your sex-related queries to the sexologist in Ludhiana so that you can be provided a solution at the earliest. We are here to listen you, Call us today. You can also whatsapp us and book your appointment. As a Sexologist, our dedication towards our patient is commendable. You can also visit our clinic in Ludhiana to meet the doctor once your appointment is booked. Let us help you give solutions to your health problems and enjoy the life that you desire!

When do you need to see a Best Sexologist in Ludhiana?

It is important to understand whether you are happy with your sex life. In most cases, the answer is no. Usually people think that the situation is not critical and that sooner or later it will resolve itself. Women often shift the responsibility to the man: they think that the problem is in the partner. However, if you come to the conclusion that your sex life does not suit you, and you want to improve it, this is a sufficient reason to contact a best sexologist in ludhiana.

What is the difference between a sexologist and a sex therapist?

 A doctor-sexologist (sex therapist) must have a doctor’s diploma and a valid certificate in sexology issued by the Ministry of Health (it is renewed every five years). Sexologist studies urology, gynecology, endocrinology, psychiatry. He works both with the psychological aspect of the problem, and with the physical dysfunctions of the body, if necessary, he can prescribe drugs or physiotherapy.

Who turns to a sexologist?

Everyone applies: from children (accompanied by parents or guardians) to grandparents. They come to a sexologist at the age from three years (for example, children’s masturbation) to 83 years (a man consulted about “misfires” that began to appear in him). Most of the patients are between the ages of 25 and 45. Many people are still illiterate and turn to the wrong address with sexual problems, sometimes losing time: to psychologists, gynecologists, urologists, andrologists and other doctors.

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